Nine steps to the proper drive

Guest contributor, Bosch Rexroth

A fully structured approach, well-founded knowledge of the formulae and a fundamental understanding of the technology are essential to designing drives. These are the prerequisites for perfect matching of the machine and the drive.18089-x734_w734

Drive engineering is undertaken when the machine is initially designed, and also when the requirements for the machine have changed or a retrofit is due. Leaving excess tolerances – either upward or downward – is counterproductive for the design. If the drive is under-dimensioned, then the machine will not achieve the desired performance level and, in the worst case, the drive will have to be changed out for a more powerful one. That involves major outlays. The procurement costs will rise and because of poor efficiency, the life-cycle costs will increase. But what does designing a drive mean? It means laying out the motor’s torque curve so that it ideally matches the needs of the machine being served.

Technical understanding is a prerequisite

Software can provide assistance when calculating and planning the drive. It can save time, for example, when several versions have to be analyzed. With the help of the IndraSize engineering tool made by Rexroth, users can select IndraDyn motors and IndraDrive drives simply by entering parameters. But in spite of this support, the technician or engineer has to bring with him or her a fundamental understanding of the technology involved. Technical understanding will allow critical magnitudes to be taken into account so that  we will recognize how the drive might be optimized. Whether with software support or without – the calculations for the proper drive can be carried out in nine clear steps.


Electric Drives & Controls Product Catalog:

Rexroth IndraSize – Turbo for Drive Sizing:

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