4 Reasons Why Machine Builders Use IO-Link

Corey Shepherd, CMAFH Brain Products Team

So, why might a machine builder use IO-Link? Here are a few reasons:

1.      Flexibility

IO-Link provides a flexible and easy-to-use interface that allows for the seamless integration of sensors and actuators from different manufacturers. This makes it easier to customize and upgrade automation systems as needed.

Machine builders can use IO-Link to connect a wide range of sensors and actuators, such as pressure sensors, temperature sensors, flow meters, solenoid valves, and even motors.

2.      Cost savings

IO-Link can help reduce installation and maintenance costs by simplifying wiring and reducing the need for specialized cabling.

With IO-Link, machine builders can use standard unshielded three-conductor cables for all connections, reducing the number of cables required and simplifying the wiring process. Instead of individually wiring devices back to a terminal strip or IO modules, IO Link allows machine builders to land devices to IP67 or IP69K machine mount M12 IO Link masters or hubs.  

3.      Increased functionality

Additionally, IO-Link sensors and actuators can provide diagnostic information that can help reduce downtime and increase overall system efficiency.

IO-Link can provide advanced features such as parameterization, identification, and diagnostic capabilities. With parameterization, machine builders can configure and adjust sensor and actuator settings, such as sensing range and output type, to meet specific application requirements. Identification enables automatic identification and configuration of IO-Link devices when they are connected to the system. And with diagnostic capabilities, machine builders can monitor and diagnose issues with sensors and actuators in real-time, helping to reduce downtime and increase system efficiency.

4.      Simplifying Safety

It is also possible to integrate safety devices with a PLE/SIL 3 rating in to your IO Link system if the correct hardware is used. Safety IO Link enables communication between safety devices, such as light curtains, E-Stop buttons, safety door switches, and a safety PLC.

Safety IO Link allows for more effective monitoring and control in industrial applications because each safety device can communicate its status and diagnostic information to the safety controller. This allows for simple and quick identification of safety fault issues. This is all accomplished with quick M12 connections between safety devices and a Safety IO Link module.

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CMA/Flodyne/Hydradyne is a leader in the IO Link space by helping customers with full machine layouts using Balluff IO Link Masters, hubs, and devices. We would love an opportunity to show you how we can help optimize the right IO Link system for your machine!

Corey Shepherd.
CMA/Flodyne/Hydradyne Brain Products Team

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